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The Technocrat War, Book 1: Machinations

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The Technocrat War, Book 1

Machinations is the first book of the trilogy called The Technocrat War. The trilogy was created mainly as a way of promotion for the then soon-to-be released Ultima Online 2 and is based on its story, which after Ultima I has nothing more to do with the main series. While the trilogy was fully released, Ultima Online 2 never saw the light of the day. It was cancelled in March 2001, a month before the first book was published.

This book was later followed by Masquerade and Maelstrom.

The Book Edit

Author: Austen Andrews
Released: 2001
Length: 352 pages
Original Retail Price: $28.71

"A World reforged

A sorcerous cataclysm has remade the ancient and magical world of Sosaria, where a misguided plan to bring ultimate order to the land has altered its destiny forever. Now past, present, and future are one...a unity that sets in motion an astonishing age of discovery and conflict for this strange new world.

Once separated by time and space, the warlike Juka, the calculating Technocrats, the matriarchs of the Meer, and the Virtuous knights of New Britannia are now on a collision course. Fragile alliances threaten to unravel as treachery and deceit pit kingdom against kingdom. Unless bitter enemies can put aside their vengeful differences long enough to uncover the truth, all Sosaria will be ripped asunder."

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