The Technocrat War, Book 3

Machinations is the third and final book of the trilogy called The Technocrat War. The trilogy was created mainly as a way of promotion for the then soon-to-be released Ultima Online 2 and is based on its story, which after Ultima I has nothing more to do with the main series. While the trilogy was fully released, Ultima Online 2 never saw the light of the day. It was cancelled in March 2001, a month before the first book was published.

This book was preceded by Machinations and by Masquerade.

The Book Edit

Author: Austen Andrews
Released: 2002
Length: 400 pages
Original Retail Price: unknown

"Storm of Ages

As war ravages the time-torn world of Sosaria, the knights and wizards of New Britannia have joined the warlike Juka to invade the desert wastes of the Technocrats. To uncover the secret plot of the shadowy forces that control the carnage, an outlaw knight and a crafty Jukan veteran must challenge fierce enemies and their own ideas of honor, else the final battle could destroy all three nations and perhaps the very foundations of Sosaria itself."

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