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Thorkin, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus

Thorkin is the blacksmith at Buccaneers Booty of Buccaneer's Den during the time of Ultima V.

Description Edit

When meeting him, he told the Avatar, that besides making the iron rivets and bindings for ships, his main profession was the creation of weapons, pointing out the high quality of his products ("Good fer slitt'n the gullet of a fat merchant"). When the Avatar showed interest in a purchase, Thorkin said to talk to Kitiara about it.[1]

Ultima V: LazarusEdit

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In Ultima V: Lazarus, Thorkin asked the hero not to call him Thorkin the Mighty, which was a tall tale spun by the bard Scally at The Fallen Virgin.[2] The blacksmith admitted he had never even stepped foot off of solid land in his life, and was terrified of the sea, unable to understand why all the pirates would hop into their ships at a moment's notice despite always returning a few men less. The giant blacksmith was especially afraid of the Ancient Mariner, believing her to be a witch, and was fearful of her powers.[3]

Thorkin directed the hero to Kitiara or Jones the shipwright at The Rusty Bucket if the Avatar wanted to purchase his wares. Thorkin mentioned that Jones was none too pleasant of a man, but he helped supply the wood for his forge in exchange for the metalworking on his ships. He also mentioned how he made a number of blades and gear for Kitiara, and she sold the equipment at her shop. Thorkin was also willing to sell the hero an iron rose, a gift he had made for Kitiara for 30gp, fearing he hadn't the courage to give it to her. [4][5]

Thorkin eventually admitted to being attracted to Kitiara, but hadn't the bravery to tell the woman himself. The Avatar could speak with the Ancient Mariner, who provided words of advice for the blacksmith that allowed him to finally express his true feelings.


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