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A Throwing Axe

A throwing axe is a short-hafted missile weapon. The throwing axe overcomes the limitation of normal battle axes being melee weapons. These axes are specially made to be light in weight and balanced, so that they won't miss their mark too badly. However, its biggest disadvantage is that once thrown, it can't be reused until picked up after the battle. It appears in Ultima IV, Ultima V, Ultima VI, Savage Empire and Ultima VII.

History Edit

Throwing axes were first employed in great quantity among trolls, at the beginning of the Age of the Avatar, but later saw widespread use among citizens. Throwing axes are also used by gargoyles, ettins, and various other lowlifes preying on travellers.

A special case is the magic axe, which always returns after being thrown, in addition to being stronger than a normal throwing axe.

Effectiveness of the Weapon Edit

Lore Edit

A complete battle strategy must include the use of weapons which can be shot, thrown, or hurled from a great distance toward advancing opponents. Lightweight, hand-held items such as daggers, spears, axes, or flasks of flaming oil can be most effective in times of need.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

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