Thrud, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Windemere

Thrud is the blacksmith of Windemere.

After the Avatar had been told by Elistaria in Ultima V that Thrud had something special in store, the hero went to meet the man himself.

Soon after introducing himself, Thrud boasted of how he had once murdered an entire village merely because he didn't care for the food he had been served at the inn. The Avatar then asked what the special item was, and Thrud told the hero of the Jeweled Weapons and Armour. However, the price he asked for the arms was steep - nothing less than the password of the Resistance.

Trivia Edit

  • Agreeing to Thrud's proposition and betraying the Resistance comes at a hefty penalty to the Avatar's karma. Furthermore, the Jeweled Weapons and Armour are purely decorative and of no actual use in combat.
  • Declining the deal has another outcome - Thrud calls upon the keep's guards to attack!

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