Time Stop

  • Also Called: Negate Time
  • Words of Power: AN TYM
  • Reagents: MR, GA, BM
  • Circle: 8th

Many consider this spell cheating, but this doesn't reduce its usefulness. Casting time stop makes everyone stop in their tracks for several moments. Enough to either flee the battle site, or the kill the enemies that are now unable to defend themselves against the caster and party. Only the very high requirements prevent this spell from being used too often.

In earlier ages, the effects of this spell were duplicated by various magical articles.


Perhaps the most difficult of spells, An Tym appears to stop time itself. For eons, scholars of thaumaturgy have tried to learn the secret of controlling the universe, and the more they discovered, the more convinced they became that they could never control this power even if they understood it. It is a tribute to the brilliance and creativity of Britannian minds that experts, undaunted by their failures, simply turned the problem around and found a way to achieve every advantage of briefly controlling time without actually controlling it at all. Those capable of this spell will witness their foes paralyzed in mid-motion. After a few moments, all returns to normal, just as though time had actually stopped and started up again. However, the caster's party remains active throughout the spell. An Tym requires a mixture of mandrake root, well-preserved blood moss and a garlic clove.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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