Timmons, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Jhelom

Timmons is a young fighter in Jhelom who is attempting to gain admittance to the Library of Scars.

Timmons originally hailed from New Magincia. After hearing stories of the Library of Scars from sailors, he spent the whole of his funds traveling to Jhelom, hoping to study under the tutelage of the famous Master De Snel. De Snel rejected Timmons as a pupil, however, asking that the youth first win at least one real duel before he would be admitted to the Library - a task which proved difficult for the polite and mild-mannered New Magincian.

When the Avatar met Timmons in Ultima VII, the warrior was embroiled in a conflict with Sprellic, the owner of the Bunk and Stool. Due to a misunderstanding, the students of the academy thought Sprellic had purposefully taken the "honor flag" from the Library of Scars, thereby proclaiming his superiority to all who trained there. In the interest of catching De Snel's attention, Timmons challenged Sprellic to a duel to the death, as did two students of the Library: Syria and Vokes.

The Avatar eventually resolved the issue by having Kliftin, Jhelom's weapon's armorer and tailor, manufacture a replica honor flag, which was then returned to the Library. With what they thought was the honor flag returned,the students of the Library rescinded their challenges, satisfied that Sprellic's challenge to the academy was withdrawn. Timmons did likewise, although his was disappointed at the lost opportunity to prove his mettle to De Snel.

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VII the Avatar has several options by which the affair with Sprellic and the Library of Scars can be resolved. It is possible for the hero to kill Syria, Timmons and Vokes in combat as Sprellic's champion, or to simply murder Sprellic before the duel. The creation of the false honor flag, however, is considered the canonical solution, as Ultima Underworld II features Syria and mentions Sprellic as being very much alive.

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