Tobias, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Tobias is the son of Camille, helping his mother on the farm in Paws.

When meeting him first in Ultima VII, Tobias was somewhat withdrawn, a result of his father's death. Tobias was initially skeptical of the Avatar's identity. He had visited the Shrine of Sacrifice earlier in his life, under his mother's leadership, but showed no lasting devotion to the Eight Virtues.

However, his opinion of the Fellowship was very clear: he hated them. Despite his young age he saw how the Fellowship took advantage of the destitution in Paws to entice people to join. He was especially angry that they tried to recruit his mother, and bitterly singled out Garritt, whom he described as being enthralled by the Fellowship.

After Garritt confessed to the venom theft, Tobias gave an important hint that Garritt had opportunity to plant the venom, since he would frequent their house. After the Avatar had exposed Garritt as the culprit, Tobias was still not willing to acknowledge the Avatar's identity, but did concede that he was characteristic of the Virtues.

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