Tolemak, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Moonglow

Tolemak is a farmer living in Moonglow. He is the younger brother of Cubolt.

In Ultima VII he was running a farm together with his brother and their childhood friend Morz. However, nothing was right in the house. Tolemak, who had always felt himself being in the shadow of his brother, had joined the Fellowship, something that his brother really disliked. Tolemak though of Cubolt as stupid. In Tolemak's mind, the Fellowship was a great thing. Cubolt also was angry that Tolemak tried to convince Morz to join the Fellowship as well.

He also said essentially this to the Avatar. However, unlike other members, he totally messed up his explanation of the philosophy of the Fellowship and advised the Avatar to speak with Rankin. After revealing to him that his brother wants him to leave the Fellowship, Tolemak threw a hissy fit, before leaving.

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