Topo, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Topo is an artisan and Ducio's apprentice in Moonshade.

Topo didn't dare to speak freely in Ultima VII Part Two until his master was out of earshot. He complained how Ducio had became lazy with his Automatons doing most of the work, dumping the remaining work on him, his apprentice. Topo hoped to soon be able to escape this existence by opening his own shop.

Topo made it clear that the mages pretty much held all the power in Moonshade and that non-magic users had it very hard. He openly said that the mages themselves had a pecking order, with people like Andrio and Stefano at the bottom. He actually was friends with Andrio and explained Stefano's unique situation. Topo also bought gems from the Avatar for 100 Guilders apiece.

Days after the Avatar had left Moonshade, Shamino the Anarch usurped power in Moonshade. Topo soon afterwards was murdered by the Bane.

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