Torrissio, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Torrissio is a mage of Moonshade on the Serpent Isle. He is an arrogant and very unpleasant man. Many either fear or dislike him.

Many years before, Torrissio managed to weasel himself out of the whole Vasculio affair despite his deep involvement. This earned him Vasculio's wrath, who in return stole his wand, the Philanderer's Friend. Later, Torrissio discovered the secret of how to repair old Automatons from the time of the Ophidians and gained false fame by declaring them to be his invention. One of the re-animated Automatons was Petra and he treated her so bad that Rocco had to make a bogus deal with him, so that she'd be away from his mistreatment.

Prior to Ultima VII Part Two, Torrissio made a deal with Batlin, giving him the secret of how to create Soul Prisms, something that can hold spirits.

When the Avatar arrived in Moonshade, Torrissio at first had no wish to talk with the hero, feeling a non-mage beneath his time. He became more talkative after the Avatar got a replacement spellbook. Yet he still was rude and arrogant, taking care of showing off his family-line and their importance.

However, despite this he obviously had set his priorities wrong in the internal politics of Moonshade, as he hadn't managed to sit in the council and had taken the wrong ally in Rotoluncia. He also had an affair with Columna and mentioned that Stefano had stolen some stockings from her (Filbercio had hired him for this). Something for which he was thrown into the Mountains of Freedom.

This said, they came to business and Torrissio sold the Avatar spells.

After Shamino the Anarch had devastated Moonshade, Torrissio seemed to have snapped, declaring himself the new ruler of Moonshade. After giving him back the Philanderer's Friend (after learning of soul-catching magics from Gwenno), he in turn explained how to create a living gem, releasing a scroll of "Create Soul Prism" to the Avatar.

Trivia Edit

  • Revealing the stockings to him will result in him no longer selling any spells.
  • Also, he'll offer sex to a female Avatar for returning the stockings to him, but will bail out of his promise as soon as having the stockings.