Torwin, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Argentrock Isle

Torwin is the son of Toran and Rhian on Pagan.

Torwin always wanted to become a jeweler, like his father. But when his father was arrested under orders from Mordea and sentenced to death, he left Tenebrae to become a Theurgist so that he could resurrect his father after his execution. His mother didn't know of his motives.

In Ultima VIII the Avatar met Torwin on Argentrock Isle. He had managed the first two tests to become a Theurgist, but had trouble with the third because of his impatience. Others spoke of how Torwin tried to combine spell foci. When a spell focus was stolen from brother Xavier, he interrogated Cyrrus, who, under a truth spell, confessed that Torwin wanted to force his way to Stratos, so that he could make her give him the power to resurrect his father.

Going to Windy Point, the Avatar explained to Torwin that he can't bring his father back, since Mordea had ordered the body discarded into the sea. In an act of desperation, Torwin threw the stolen focus together with his ring, on the ground, and then tried to make the leap of faith. However, he failed and fell to a watery grave. Giving his ring to his mother, Rhian found closure.

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