Towne Basko; Planet X, 2112 A.D.

Towne Basko was located on Planet X of the Terran Solar System in the year of the Aftermath, 2112 A.D.. During the events of Ultima II, the Stranger visited Basko while searching for Father Antos, who was rumored to be on the planet. Other than the usual shops, Towne Basko had little to offer besides a few more hints to continue looking for Father Antos here.

When Minax was destroyed, the timeline was returned to normal, and Towne Basko disappeared.

Shops and Services Edit

  • Weapons ("Weapons Ltd.")
  • Armour ("Ozy Armoury")
  • Stables ("Transport")
  • Pub ("Ozy's")

Trivia Edit

  • Ozy's clearly has a "no drunken mages" policy, which is amusing and, actually, quite sensible.

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