The Trading Post was a human outpost on the Mars of the later 19th century, and was considered neutral ground for everyone. It was located at 13S, 128W.

After stranding on the planet, Buffalo Bill and his associates established this outpost near Olympus. Particularly interested in the mineral oxium, both Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane were willing to trade oxium for various other items, such as ammunition for weapons. Cooter McGee, the Post's main oxium supplier, had gone missing, but was later rescued by the Avatar.

Cody, Jane, and McGee returned to Earth once the new space cannon was completed and ready to depart.

Inhabitants Edit

Goods Edit


Buffalo Bill

Item Cost
(in Oxium)
MD-ammo-pistol Pistol rounds (x10) (derringer/revolver) 10 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-ammo-shotgun Shotgun shells (x10) 20 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-ammo-rifle Rifle rounds (x10) 30 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-ammo-elephantgun Elephant gun rounds (x10) 40 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-ammo-slingstone Sling stones (x10) 5 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-ammo-arrow Arrows (x5) 10 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-items-tentfolded Tent (folded) 50 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-items-tinderbox Tinderbox 15 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-items-weedkiller Weed killer 30 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-items-lampoil Lamp oil (1 can) 10 MD-items-oxiumblobs

Calamity Jane

Item Cost
(in Oxium except as noted)
MD-thigh-boots Thigh boots 20 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-sheepskin-jacket Sheepskin jacket 40 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-work-gloves Work gloves 10 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-cowboy-hat Cowboy hat 15 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-items-muffler Muffler 10 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-wool-pants Wool pants 30 MD-items-oxiumblobs
Berry-purp Purple berries (x20) 50 MD-items-oxiumblobs
Berry-brown Brown berries (x20) 50 MD-items-oxiumblobs
Berry-green Green berries (x20) 50 MD-items-oxiumblobs
MD-items-oxiumblobs Oxium (small piece) 15 tkb Berry-purp
MD-items-oxiumgeode Oxium (large geode) 30 tkb Berry-purp

Note that many berries can be lost when purchasing Oxium!

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