A Tremor in action

  • Words of Power: VAS POR YLEM
  • Reagents: BM, SA, MR
  • Circle: 6th

A truly potent weapon, casting this spell will set off a horrible earthquake that will rumble the ground. The caster's foes will be frozen in terror, lose their footing and if falling rocks don't kill them, they will be swallowed by growing gaps in the ground, never to be seen again.

Tremor cannot be cast in settled areas, as it would cause death on a massive scale, so its use in such a way is thus strictly forbidden.


The Tremor spell is a very potent magic indeed. Few spells are as exhausting and none save Resurrection have a more striking or dramatic effect. Carefully blend portions of Sulphurous Ash with Blood Moss and Mandrake Root and cast it at the feet of your opponents whilst shouting as loudly as possible. The volatile Sulphurous Ash shall furnish the flash of power to the movement potential of the Blood Moss and the Mandrake Root will lend raw necromantic force to the spell. The very earth will tremble and quake beneath the feet of your enemies and they will fly in terror, save those that are swallowed up entirely by the very ground itself. No spell in the lore of the mystic arts has as much power to strike fear into the hearts and minds of those that suffer its mighty impact. But use this enchantment wisely for it will leave you as weak as a newborn babe.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

In Vas Por Ylem is a terrifying spell that can generate a massive earthquake. While it reaches every enemy in combat, even if lurking in distant corners or behind mountains, the magical earthquake leaves allies unshaken and unharmed. Seek mandrake root that has grown unobstructed, so that its form is string yet fibrous. Grind it with sulphurous ash and blood moss until no ingredient can be distinguished from another.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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