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Trent, from Ultima I manual
Only appearance: Ultima I

This article is about a type of monster from Ultima I. For the Ultima VII character, see Trent.

Trents are a race of hostile oak trees, which dwelt within the forests of archaic Sosaria during the time of Ultima I.


Trents, similar to the subterranean tanglers of the era, were tree-beings which were known to feed on unwary human travelers. Appearing to be nothing but in-extraordinary oaks at first glance, trents would employ strength and surprise to ensnare and crush victims in their mobile branches. Unlike their underground cousins, who systemically starved their prey before digesting it,[1] trents ate their victims either alive or freshly slain.

While similar in passing to the reapers of later ages, the trents of early Sosaria were never observed to practice magic, and appeared to be formed of a living, foliage-bearing wood - stark contrast to the leafless bodies of later horrors. If a relation between the two tree-races existed, the particulars of it have been lost to history.

For reasons unknown, the trents were not seen in the lands which would become Britannia after the death of Mondain.

Lore Edit

Native to the woodlands of Sosaria, the evil Trent seems like an ordinary oak tree until one approaches near enough to be ensnared in the grasp of its pliant branches. Once it hath crushed the life from the victim, the Trent then devours it, leaving no trace of its prey to warn other travelers.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)


  • Trents almost certainly derived from the "treants" of early installments of the table-top role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons,[2] which in turn are very likely derived from the Ents of J.R.R. Tolkien's literary works.

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