Triple Crossbow

When a normal Crossbow is no longer enough to deal with ones foes, the Triple Crossbow, created by Iolo Fitzowen, is the best way to level the field. Its special mechanism shoots three crossbow bolts in rapid succession, dealing the enemy a fatal blow before they can even get close. It should be wielded with caution when fighting in groups, as the danger of friendly fire is very real.

It can be loaded either with normal Bolts or with the much stronger Magic Bolts.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, the Triple Crossbow has an effectiveness rating of 28.

History Edit

The triple crossbow first appeared in Ultima VI, but it was very rare (one was found in Serpent's Hold, and another could be bought from Iolo's Bows if you specifically asked for it). By Ultima VII however, they could be regularly brought at all shops of Iolo's Bows.

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