Tristia, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Kurak Tribe

Tristia is a member of the Kurak Tribe, and the adopted daughter of the Kurak chief Aloron and adopted sister of Aiela in Savage Empire.

The Avatar found Tristia to be selfish and self-absorbed, and she was mainly interested in looking for strong men and comparing herself to Aiela. She revealed that she was adopted by Aloron after her parents' hut burned down, killing both of them, but she seemed little concerned by this fact. When asked about Aiela, she was convinced that Aloron loved Aiela less than her, and Tristia seemed glad that Aiela was gone to the Urali Tribe.

Tristia will randomly ask the Avatar if he loves her, and will frequently try to convince him to become her mate. When the Avatar finally tells her that he is not interested, she will become enraged and faint.

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