Tseramed, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Yew

Tseramed is a Ranger that can join the party in Ultima VII.

Tseramed is a Ranger who joins the Avatar's party near Yew. He has many stories to share, and offers his own "Tseramed Arrows" to the Avatar for free. These are special arrows that put whoever they hit to sleep, which Tseramed makes from the stingers of the Giant Bees. Also, Tseramed has information about the nudists in the Bee Cave.

Tseramed was on a quest of revenge against Abraham, who caused his love Lady M. to join the Fellowship. As part of Abraham's teachings and having been forbidden to attend a local healer, Lady M. chose not to use medicines when she was suffering from a deadly sickness, and died. This made Tseramed so bitter that should the Avatar claim to be with Fellowship, or wear one of the medallions, Tseramed wouldn't hesitate to attack in his grief. Joining the Avatar, Tseramed got his revenge against Abraham in the end, killing him in the battle at the Black Gate.

Trivia Edit

  • Tseramed's real-life counterpart is Ken Demarest III, the head programmer of Ultima VII. He has used Tseramed, his last name spelt in reverse, as his on-line pseudonym.

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