Battle Hammer

The two-handed battle hammer is a weapon that is designed to crush the foes with pure strength. Its blows can shatter bones, even through armour, and thus make it an excellent choice as a weapon. However, its weight also means that only the strongest fighters can successfully wield the mighty battle hammer without problems. Tinkers are especially fond of using hammers as weapons, and are often seen taking them to battle.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, the battle hammer has a "9" effectiveness rating, making it one of the strongest weapons.

History Edit

Hammers made for battle have been seen in the series since Ultima V. From that point onward, their function and high damage stayed the same. They were commonly found in the Sakkhra caves in Savage Empire.

Several special battle hammers appeared over time:

  • Juggernaut Hammer - A magical hammer that can be thrown and always return to the wielder; inflicts high damage.
  • Hammer of Dedication - Much like the Juggernaut Hammer, but with less destructive power; from the time of the Ophidians.
  • Bonecrusher - Found on Pagan; capable of smashing the undead.

Lore Edit

Finally, there is the two-handed hammer. It takes great strength to wield it, but the hammer can inflict devastating damage.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

The mace is favored by many knights, whereas the two-handed hammer has been used by the mightiest of warriors to deal a crushing blow to the foe.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Between the wrists of a skilled fighter, the two-handed hammer can deliver a shattering blow to the skull or a bludgeoning to the deepest organs. The edge of such a hammer is an effective striker against any exposed area. Turned slightly, the flat side of the head can hemorrhage the tissues beneath a coat of mail. Given its heft and balance, the two-handed hammer is poorly suited for extended fighting in close quarters.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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