Ugh the "troll"

Ugh is a troll that is restricting travel from and to Paws in Ultima IX.

When the Avatar tried to enter Paws, an ugly troll named Ugh stopped the hero at the bridge leading into the village. Ugh wanted ten Gold Coins, or he wouldn't allow entry. However, seeing that Ugh wasn't the brightest, the Avatar just asked how much ten gold coins are, and Ugh was hard pressed to figure it out for minutes, totally oblivious to the Avatar walking by.

After learning from Bella and Nimrond that Ugh had stolen the valve of the windmill, the Avatar used the same trick (Ugh had totally forgotten their previous encounter by then) to enter his cave without trouble and get the valve.

Trivia Edit

  • It is also possible to simply kill Ugh; Climbing on a higher rock where he can't reach the Avatar, and then using the bow is the best way.
  • Ugh isn't really a troll, just an oversized goblin -- one of many nitpicks by fans of the series.

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