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Ultima Generation, full name "Ultima Generation: Road to the Avatar TCG", is a trading card game that was only releaed in Japan in 2002, and which was announced together with a free card in the also Japan-exclusive release of Ultima Complete.

Designed by Hidetsugu Ishikiriyama and published by DigiCube, it is a two-player game in which each of the cards has numerous stats when they are played against each other. It was licensed by Electronic Arts and has the following official description:

In the game of Ultima Generation, players become one of the lords in Britannia. The main casting factors in the game are eight virtues as in Ultima - Spirituality, Honor, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honesty, Sacrifice, and Humility. Good lord summons adventures with positive virtues and summoning monsters costs virtues or minus virtue status for evil lord. Lord who defends her territory and controls the eight virtues wins the competition.

However, the card game actually has only little to do with the Ultima universe.

External LinksEdit

More information on the game can be found at Ultima Generation: Road to the Avatar TCG (2002)

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