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The following contains Ultima II Monster Data:

Creatures of the land: Edit

Name Image (PC)
Image (PC)
Image (FM-Towns) HP Damage Item Drop Special
Balron U2Balron U2-Balron FMMane 255 None. Puts characters to sleep. (Range 2)
Cleric U2Cleric U2-Cleric FMCleric1FMCleric2 10-60 None.
Devil U2Devil U2-Devil FMGargoyleFMOrcus 192 None. Paralyzes arms. (Range 2)
Daemon U2Daemon U2-Daemon FMPazuzu 64 None. Paralyzes legs. (Range 2)
Fighter U2Fighter U2-Fighter FMFighter2FMFighter3 128 1 - 4 Torches, Helms.
Guard U2Guard U2-Guard FMGuard 255 2 Keys.
Jester U2Jester U2-Jester FMJester 1-255 None.
Merchant U2Merchant U2-Merchant FMMerchant 5-50 Red Gems.
Orc U2Orc U2-Orc FMOrcFMGoblin 16 None.
Pirates U2PirateShip U2-Pirates FMShip 160 None. Leaves ship.
Sea Serpent U2SeaSerpent U2-SeaSerpent FMSerpentFMSeaSerp 64 None.
Thief U2Thief U2-Thief FMThief 32 Drops all items except Force Field Ring, drops tools. Steals items.
Wizard U2Wizard U2-Wizard FMWizard 224 Staffs, Wands Magic Missile. (Range 2)
  • Creatures without hitpoints do not appear in wilderness.
  • Values are for wandering monsters only. Creatures in cities have differing hitpoints.

Creatures in dungeons: Edit

Name Image (PC)
Image (PC)
HP Damage Location Special
Orc 200px 200px 17 - 153 Levels 1 - 16
Ghost 200px 200px 49 - 153 Levels 3 - 16 Can blow out torch/light spell
Carrion Creeper 200px 200px 81 - 185 Levels 5 - 16
Viper 200px 200px 113 - 185 Levels 7 - 16
Gremlin 200px 200px 145 - 217 Levels 9 - 16 Sometimes steals 100 food.
Daemon 200px 200px 177 - 217 Levels 11 - 16
Balron 200px 200px 209 - 249 Levels 13 - 16 Puts characters to sleep.

Important NPC's: Edit

Name Image (PC)
Image (PC)
Image (FM-Towns) HP Damage Location Special Notes
Kings 32px File:U2-King.png File:FMKing.gif 255

Minax File:U2Minax.PNG File:U2-Minax.png File:FMDemon.gif -- 100
Teleports, Distance Attack. (Range 3)

Bestiary Data
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Martian Dreams Ultima VII Ultima Underworld II Ultima VII Part Two Ultima VIII
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