The magic system at the time of Ultima IX is very different from the ones of previous ages. In fact, it is so different that it is a break with the previous system, resulting in a new system of magic. Therefore, here is a short explanation how the magic of that era works and what has to be considered.

Spell Scrolls Edit

Spell scrolls are back in circulation in Britannia. A scroll allows a single use of the spell without any mana cost to the caster, and without any experience restrictions. However, the scroll then vanishes. Using scrolls can be wasteful, since some scrolls are very rare to find. Therefore spell scrolls are usually transcribed in a ritual to allow repeated usage of the spell in question.

Binding Spells Edit


Ultima IX spellbook

To bind a spell permanently to a spellbook, the mage must be in possession of one. Each spellbook is divided into nine groups of four spells. The first circle contains the linear spells, which are always available at no mana cost. The other eight circles require the mage to bind scroll spells into the book.

First the mage has to find a fitting binding circle -- a pentagram surrounded by five candles; next, the scroll in question has to be laid into the middle of the pentagram, followed by the needed reagents; then, all the candles have to be ignited with the fitting linear spell ignite; lastly the mage has to say the fitting words of power to bind the spell into the book.

Now the spell is available at any time and no further cost, apart from mana.

Warning: should the wrong words be said or the wrong reagents be used, then both scroll and reagents are lost to the mage.

Real-life notes Edit

  • It is possible to re-use reagents by removing them while chanting the words of power.
  • In the game, the number of repaired shrines corresponds with the highest circle in which spells can be bound and used, but does not apply to scrolls.

New Spells Edit


a binding circle

A number of new spells had appeared by the time of Ultima IX, which are listed here. Note that this doesn't include the linear spells.

Reagent Codes:

  • Black Pearl: BP
  • Blood Moss: BM
  • Garlic: GA
  • Ginseng: GS
  • Mandrake Root: MR
  • Nightshade: NS
  • Spider Silk: SS
  • Sulfurous Ash: SA
Spell Circle Reagents Words of Power Description
Create Reagents 1st All of them IN ORT YLEM Creates reagents. The reagent created depends on the ground the caster stands on.
Crystal Barrier 2nd BP BM MR IN VAS YLEM Creates indestructable crystals between caster and enemies.
Infernal Armour 2nd MR SA SS UUS FLAM SANCT Creates temporary fire-protection.
Fog 3rd GA NS SS AN WIS HUR Surrounds the caster in a thick fog, confusing enemies.
Freeze 4th BP MR SA VAS AN FLAM GRAV Freezes a foe solid for a limited amount of time.
Levitate 5th BM SS POR UUS YLEM Allows the caster the levitate off the ground for several seconds.
Mana Breath 6th GS MR SS ORT MANI HUR Allows breathing under water, constantly drains mana.
Meteorite 6th BR MR SA KAL JUX YLEM Smashes a meteorite into the foe. Does only work on the overworld.
Inferno 8th BM MR SA VAS KAL FLAM GRAV Causes multiple, variated fire attacks.
Searing Rain 8th BM MR VAS KAL AN FLAM JUX A rain of acid kills all foes nearby, works only on the overworld.

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