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The second Trilogy

Ultima Trilogy IV V VI is a compilation of Ultima IV, Ultima V and Ultima VI, released by Origin in 1992. It was available for the IBM-PC and the C64 (only in Europe).

Its contents are:

  • All three of the games.
  • A combined handbook for all three of the games, called "Age of Virtue Manual".
  • The cardboard map of Ultima VI.

Of note is that Origin felt that the release of this compilation would be a good time to get rid of their surplus of cloth maps and trinkets, so a "Special Limited Edition", indicated by a sticker on the box, was issued. In it, instead of a cardboard map, were all three of the cloth maps! Also there were two possible trinkets: either the ankh amulet from Ultima IV, or the Codex Coin from Ultima V.

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