This article is about the Ultima VI Cluebook. For the Gargish book from Ultima VI, see The Book of Prophecies.


The Book of Prophecy

The Ultima VI Clue Book: The Book of Prophecy is 75 pages long and contains maps and descriptions of all the towns, dungeons, and other major locations in Ultima VI. There is also a complete walkthrough, as well as information about the cost of items, trainer locations, etc. The Gargish Alphabet is also included, with a Gargish-English and English-Gargish dictionary of common words. It originally retailed for USD$12.95 and was published in 1990. It was written by Dr. Cat (a.k.a. David Shapiro).

The clue book is written in a narrative style, in the form of a letter to the Avatar from Taynith and Mandrake. Mandrake generally handles the descriptions and gives general hints, while Taynith's additions are more specific.

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