using Unlock Magic

  • Words of Power: EX POR
  • Reagents: SA, BM
  • Circle: 4th

Mages and other magic users have the really annoying habit to magically lock doors and chests with spells (Like with the Magic Lock spell). These doors and chests, recognised by the green glowing locks, usually have something important behind them. For this case, this spell is a blessing. Casting it on the magically locked door or chest will destroy the locking magic, and it can be opened without further trouble.


This powerful spell can open magical locks. The power of In Ex Por is that it first analyzes the lock to be broken and then actually produces the precise tool or magical potion that will break the lock. The success of this spell comes from combining ash and moss in isolation, in complete darkness.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • This spell is always a must-have. Otherwise, the games can't be won, or many good items are missed.

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