Urali Tribesmen
Urali Tribesmen, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Urali - female

The Urali Tribesmen are the mainstay of the Urali Tribe in Savage Empire.

When the Avatar first met the Urali Tribe, many of them immediately attacked with poisonous blowguns. The few who did not immediately attack would not reveal their names because they feared it would give the Avatar power over them. They would reveal that the Urali were proud of the swamp they called their home, and guarded it fiercely. Before they would reveal more to the Avatar, they wanted to know if he was a friend of Darden, the Urali chief.

Despising their leader, if the Avatar revealed he was no friend, the tribesmen told how Darden became leader of their tribe because the previous chief died childless, even though they had no love for him. They also revealed to the Avatar how to reach the secret lair of Darden unharmed and the location of Darden's prisoners Aiela and Fabozz, telling how Darden imprisoned Fabozz, who controlled the tyrannosaurus which guarded their village, and forced the tribesmen to attack other tribes.

After Darden's defeat, the tribesmen became quite friendly.

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