It was a little over a year ago that I started [participating actively] on this wiki. At that time we had about 1200 pages, and only two editors with more than 1k edits. One of whom hadn't been active in two years. The other had significantly more than one thousand and, if memory serves, has in the past year doubled his number of edits.

Now we have seven users with over one thousand edits and only one of those is inactive and a few more soon to hit that mark as well. I look back at what I've accomplished over the past year and I feel like I've mostly just polished a few things and spackled in a few holes. But I look at the state of the wiki a year ago and the state of it now and the change is dramatic. Before it was daunting how many games still needed the NPC articles started on them. But now nearly all of them are done or close to it. The overall quality of the articles is improved as well. In March of this year there was an average of 34 pages a day added and about 2800 edits in the month. In April there was an average of 26 pages added per day with <bold>3900</bold> edits. In May the average pages dropped to 9 but the edits stayed up at 3400 more than doubling the number of words overall in the wiki.

In the past year we've doubled the number of articles, more than doubled the number of images, tripled the number of words, increased the quality and worth of existing articles and assembled a fantastic group of people. Thank you all for working on this. I look forwards to the many revisions ahead of us.

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