Utomo, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Yew

Utomo is a blacksmith in Yew in Ultima VI.

Utomo was a strange man who came from an unknown island many days sail from Britannia. Utomo told the Avatar that after an evil man had destroyed his village, he stowed away on a big ship to Britannia. When Utomo escaped to Britannia, he brought with him a pair of Magic Fans that were capable of changing the direction of the wind. However, some time after his arrival, the pirates under Captain Hawkins had stolen one of the fans, adding it to their treasure.

Utomo told the Avatar the was happy with his new land although he missed his wife Yuna who was a great tree climber. The tavernkeeper Andrea was quite attracted to Utomo, and one time invited him to her place to drink. She tried to kiss him, but Utomo was not pleased, and afterward tried to avoid Andrea.

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