Vaclav, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Minoc

Vaclav is a blacksmith in Minoc in Ultima IX.

Vaclav told the Avatar that Morganna prophesized his arrival, and he was willing to help the Avatar with his wares. Despite his proffered help, his prices were quite high until the Shrine of Sacrifice was cleansed. After Laszlo sacrifice, he praised the Rom Baro as a great man, and wondered if here would have done the same.

Vaclav was unable to help the Avatar with the sigil or mantra of Sacrifice, but was willing to sell a special gypsy breastplate, which oddly, the Avatar was unable to wear.


Armour & Shields Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Chain Arms 765gp 560gp
Chain Boots 450gp 330gp
Chain Chest 1350gp 990gp
Chain Gauntlets 315gp 230gp
Chain Helm 450go 330gp
Chain Leggings 1080gp 790gp
Gypsy Breastplate 1000gp ----
Weapons Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Dum-Dum Staff 300gp 220gp
Mace 262gp 192gp
Target Bow 195gp 145gp
Warhammer 525gp 385gp

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