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Valkadesh (U9)

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Valkadesh, from Ultima IX
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima IX
Location: Ambrosia

This article is about an NPC in Ultima IX. For an NPC in Ultima VI, see Valkadesh.

Valkadesh is the leader of the winged gargoyles in the underwater city in Ultima IX. He is bloodthirsty and proud.

The Avatar met him in his office after entering the Underwater City. Valkadesh said that all the gargoyles saw the Avatar as the False Prophet, who could destroy them. He himself however was not concerned, feeling their technology would keep them safe and he didn't bother with surface affairs. He however admitted that Queen Zhah was angry since the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom had vanished from the void, making it impossible to read it.

When the Avatar asked how to reach the dungeon Hythloth, Valkadesh said to consult Wislem on this matter, feeling that the Avatar was not seeking genocide on the gargoyles. He died, when during the collapse of the city he was murdered by Noname.

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