Van Kellian
Van Kellian
Van Kellian, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Jhelom

Van Kellian is a bard in Jhelom in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Van Kellian to be a somewhat vain man who believed strongly in the virtue of compassion. Iolo snidely commented that Van Kellian acted like he was doing the Avatar a favour by singing for him. Van Kellian sang songs of love to the Avatar, and told of how after giving a few gold coins to a beggar, he learned the mantra of pride was 'lum'. Van Kellian and Stelnar were often at odds over the nature of Sin'Vraal, with Van Kellian believing the gargoyle was worthy of love if Lord British said he was OK, while Stelnar thought leaving any gargoyle alive was an affront to valor.

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