Vardion, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Daemon's Crag

Vardion is a Sorcerer living in Daemon's Crag on Pagan. He is the First Acolyte.

When he was still a child, Vardion often listened to stories of his grandmother Mordra, who told him about the lands of Britannia. He was so fascinated with them, he would years later tell them to Bentic for The Chronicle of Pagan. But then he lost contact with her after her death during the fire of Skara Brae.

The Avatar met Vardion in Ultima VIII after speaking with Bane, and being tasked with finding out his true name. At first Vardion was very rude, and it was only after the Avatar proved his mettle that he took interest in the Avatar. Finally, Vardion revealed that he feared Bane would plan something against the master Sorcerer Malchir, and told the Avatar to find out her true-name. In return, he would sponsor the Avatar to become a Sorcerer. To show his trust he revealed his true-name.

There were two possible outcomes for Vardion:

Variant A

The Avatar told Vardion Bane's true-name, believing him. As it turned out, he only wanted to kill her. After the summoning a Daemon who killed her, Malchir scolded him for doing something so foolish. However, there was no time to lose. So he made Vardion responsible for the Avatar's training.

He gave the Avatar information about the magic of Sorcery and oversaw the first tests of spell creation, before sending the Avatar to the Obsidian Fortress. He later assisted in the summoning of Pyros. After the Avatar got the Tongue of Flames by killing Malchir in a duel, he bowed to the Avatar, recognising true power.

Variant B

The Avatar trusted Bane's claims that in fact Vardion was the one cooking up a plot. The Avatar gave Bane Vardion's true-name. Bane used this information to summon a Daemon who destroyed Vardion.

Trivia Edit

  • Two mistakes in the summoning of Pyros results in Vardion's death.
  • If the Avatar mentions being from Earth, Vardion assumes that it is a dark and desolate place, being named after one of the Titans.

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