Vasel, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Isles of the Mad Mage

Vasel is the latest in the lines of assistants of Erstam the Mad Mage on Serpent Isle. However, despite looking rather strange, he is smart enough to avoid the fate of the previous assistants.

After arriving at the Isles of the Mad Mage in Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar first talked to Erstam. The mage wasn't very cooperative, by Vasel babbled something about teleportation. So the Avatar talked to Vasel.

Vasel first talked a little about his past. He had been stolen away by a sorceress and used as her slave early in his life. This went on, until she had been executed. He had then lived a rather shameful life, being called a freak and grotesque (his habit of eating bugs certainly didn't help). And it had stuck to him after working in a freakshow for some time.

Vasel then talked about his job and Erstam, all while Erstam bullied him the whole time. However, finally he came to the important fact: he knew that Erstam had a Serpent Jawbone which enabled teleportation. Armed with this knowledge, the Avatar was able to finally confront Erstam about the secret how to teleport.

Trivia Edit

  • "Vasel" is an anagram for "Slave", which is very fitting for how Erstam treats him.

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