Village of the Preppies; Jupiter, 2112 A.D.

The so-called Village of the Preppies was located on the planet Jupiter in the Terran Solar System, in the year 2112 A.D.. As part of a time drastically altered by the sorceress Minax's meddling with Earth's timestream in Ultima II, the village was mostly unremarkable.

When the Stranger killed Minax, thus repairing the damage she had done to the timeline, the Village of the Preppies disappeared.

Shops and Services Edit

  • Food ("Eat Preppies Izod Burgers")
  • Oracle ("Seer")
  • Wizard Magic ("Magic")
  • "Yachts" (not for purchase, and can't leave the village)

Trivia Edit

  • Dupre can be found here, inquiring if the Stranger wants to buy a duck. Curiously enough, someone else in town named Johnny Jones asks if the Stranger knows where he can get one.

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