Vividos, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Cemetery

Vividos is the only pupil of Lothian, the Necromancer of Pagan, and lives in the Cemetery. In contrast to Lothian, Vividos has a bright and open personality. This was reflected in the fact that he was very eager to give Bentic all the needed information about Necromancy for the book The Chronicle of Pagan.

When the Avatar talked with Vividos in Ultima VIII, he revealed that Lothian was dying because of sickness and old age, and he needed to find the Ritual Dagger to send her to Lithos. Sadly, Mordea had taken it away, and Vividos had no idea how to get it back. The Avatar brought the dagger back to the cemetery just in time for the ceremony, and Lothian passed away, making Vividos the new Necromancer. Seeing the Avatar's great potential, Vividos took the Avatar as his pupil. The Avatar was thus sent on a journey to the ancient Necromancers to meet Lithos.

After this, he ordered the Avatar to inter Lothian, thus becoming his prime pupil. Vividos then sent the Avatar on the journey to the Birthplace of Moriens. That done, he commented that the Avatar would have years of apprenticeship ahead.

Lore Edit

Lothian is the strong and stoic Necromancer, quite competent in her abilities to convey the deceased to Lithos. She has little opportunity to converse with the citizens of nearby Tenebrae; her work keeps her so tremendously occupied. The townspeople are, however, friendly to her new Apprentice, Vividos. His vivacious personality is a good complement to Lothian's, making it easy for him to deal with the world outside the distasteful realm of the cemetery.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

Trivia Edit

  • Vividos actually is a victim of the story cuts in Ultima VIII. Originally, Lithos sent his undead to Tenebrae after the Avatar took the Heart of Earth, and Vividos openly accused the hero of being responsible for it.

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