Wamap, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Wamap is the shaman of the Urali Tribe in Savage Empire.

Wamap met the Avatar on the outskirts of the Urali village, and was quick to enlist his help. Wamap even provided his true name so that he could prove he was sincere when he spoke with the Avatar. He mentioned how he had been captured by the Nahuatla Tribe as a youth, and the education he received from them enabled him to be the Urali shaman.

He told how Darden had taken control of the tribe through force by kidnapping the statue of Fabozz, the Urali idol, and hidden it within a cave to the north. He had used the idol to command a great tyrannosaurus to stand guard outside the village and destroy all those who attempted to enter. He even forced the Urali Tribesmen to attack other villages by threatening to have the great beast destroy their home if they did not comply. Wamap asked for the Avatar's help in freeing Fabozz and destroying Darden. Wamap said would be interested in joining the other tribes after the defeat of Darden.

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