Water Walk
Ultima Underworld II
& Ultima Underworld
Words of Power: YLEM POR
Circle: 3rd

Water Walk is a runic spell that appears in Ultima Underworld I and II. A similar spell also appears in the SNES port of Ultima VII.


This spell appears to have been developed by the lizard men of Cabirus's abyssal colony, who inhabited a tier of the Abyss riddled with waterways. The Avatar, during their imprisonment in the failed settlement, could learn how to cast Water Walk from Iss'leek, who would offer the hero an instructive scroll prepared by Murgo in exchange for a red gem.[1]

Using this incantation allows its caster to tread on the surface of water as though it were solid earth, negating many of the potential dangers of navigating lakes and streams by swimming, and even enabling the mage to overcome the push of directional currents. Users of Water Walk should be cautious, however, as they may find themselves stranded in a dangerous location should they not carefully gauge when the enchantment will wear off.

Trivia Edit

  • In the SNES port of Ultima VII, Water Walk produces similar effects, albeit for a much shorter duration. It is used in this game primarily to cross small streams and swamplands.


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