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The M60 Machine Gun takes down Raxachk in the Dream-World.

A multitude of items can be used as weapons in Martian Dreams; some originated on Earth, some on Mars, and some exist only in the Dream-World. These weapons are compiled here.

Note: Some Earthly items have Martian equivalents that are functionally identical; both images are shown below.

KEY (damage/range ratings obtained from Martian Dreams Clue Book)

Damage: L= Low, LM = Low Moderate, M = Moderate, HM = High Moderate, H = High

Range: N = Near, M = Midrange, F = Far, -- = Not a ranged weapon

Weapon Damage Range Notes
MD-Elephant-gun Elephant gun H F MD-ammo-elephantgun Uses elephant gun ammo
MD-Belgian-combine Belgian combine HM F MD-ammo-rifleMD-ammo-shotgun u)se to select r)ifle, s)hotgun, or c)ombo setting
Rifle Rifle HM F Available from William Randolph Hearst in Olympus;

MD-ammo-rifle Uses rifle ammo

MD-heat-ray-gun Heat raygun M M Radium-powered; u)se to select r)ifle, s)hotgun, or c)ombo setting
Sabre Sabre M -- Available from William Randolph Hearst in Olympus;

MD-sabre-bloody You didn't do it!

MD-sledgehammer Sledgehammer M -- Can work on rails, open geodes and locked trunks/chests
MD-axe Axe M -- Open Martian pods
MD-machete Machete M --
MD-scythe Scythe MD-scythe-martian M -- Open Martian pods
MD-shotgunShotgun M N Area effect
MD-freeze-ray-gun Freeze raygun LM M Radium-powered; u)se to select r)ifle, s)hotgun, or c)ombo setting
Revolver Revolver LM M Available from William Randolph Hearst in Olympus;

MD-ammo-pistol Uses pistol ammo

MD-derringerDerringer LM N MD-ammo-pistol Uses pistol ammo
MD-hatchet Hatchet LM --
MD-pick Pick MD-pick-martian LM -- Can dig
MD-pitchfork Pitchfork MD-pitchfork-martian LM --
MD-bow Bow LM M MD-ammo-arrow Uses arrows
MD-cultivator Cultivator LM --
MD-pool-cue Pool cue LM --
MD-prybar Prybar LM -- Can open jammed hatch and nailed crates
MD-hammer Hammer L -- Can open geodes, nailed crates, and locked trunks/chests
MD-ball-peen-hammer Balpeen hammer L -- Can open geodes and locked trunks/chests
MD-hoe Hoe MD-hoe-martian L -- Can dig
MD-knife Knife L --
MD-rake Rake MD-rake-martian L --
MD-sawSaw L -- Can open Martian pods
MD-shovel Shovel MD-shovel-martian L -- Can dig, carry/load ore and dirt
MD-sling Sling L N MD-ammo-slingstone Uses sling stones
Special Weapons
MD-M60-machinegun M60 machine gun H F Dream-World only; can kill Raxachk
MD-cupid-bow-arrows Cupid's bow & arrows -- F Dream-World only; can charm creatures
MD-spraygun Spraygun -- F MD-items-weedkiller Uses weedkiller; Extreme damage to plant life
MD-weed-sprayer Weed sprayer -- F MD-items-weedkiller Uses weedkiller; Amazing damage to plant life

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