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Weaponsmith, from Ultima VI
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VI
Location: Realm of the Gargoyles

Weaponsmith is an inhabitant of the Realm of the Gargoyles in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Weaponsmith to be a passionate young Gargoyle who still strove to maintain the virtues of Passion, Diligence, and Control despite the destruction of his world. He despised Goodscrafter because he felt that that Goodcrafter had forsaken the Gargoyle virtues and needed to visit the Shrine of Singularity. Weaponsmith was especially angry because he lost his master, who was like a father, yet he still managed to carry on.

Weaponsmith told the Avatar that the weapons he created were meant to be used by anyone in need, and were not for buying or selling. Shamino was especially interested by the fine boomerangs he crafted and the sleeping powder he made.

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