Wench, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Wench (likely an assumed name) is a prostitute at the Baths in Buccaneer's Den

In Ultima VII, the Avatar found Wench aloof outside of her place of employment, citing her desire for privacy. If the hero encountered her in the evening at the House of Baths, she would prove more receptive, playing the part of the flirtatious hostess. She claimed that she had worked in the baths since their opening, and that she felt well paid and well treated in her position, and that she suffered no exploitation at the hands of her employers. [1]

She offered to attend the hero in a luxuriant bath; to offer her skills as a masseuse; or to simply engage the Avatar in pleasant conversation, where she spoke of rumors of secret passages inside the mountains of the island. She also would invite the hero to join her in the Community Room, where she would perform various sexual acts. She insinuated, if bedded, that Roberto and Martine stole from their customers, and that the Avatar was fortunate to have chosen her as a diversion. [2]

Trivia Edit

  • Wench will bed the Avatar regardless of gender.
  • Speaking with Mandy reveals that Wench got her position by winning a contest - this is a reference to the Ultima VI Immortality Contest, where a (to date, unidentified) woman had won the prize of having the portrait of a NPC modeled after her. [3]

References Edit

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