Weston, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

Weston is a man who had been wrongfully imprisoned because of the corruption spreading in Britannia. He is married to Alina and has one daughter, Cassie.

After speaking with his wife Alina in Paws in Ultima VII, the Avatar found Weston imprisoned in the jail of Castle Britannia. Weston told the Avatar how he'd come to Britain to find work to support his family. However the overseer of the Apple Orchard, Figg, wanted a criminal price for his apples while at the same time giving them for free to the Fellowship. Weston was hungry and felt this was injustice, so he stole one. However, Figg at once called his friends in the Fellowship to arrange Weston's arrest and imprisonment, forging documents so that he should never come free again.

Weston told the Avatar of his family back in Paws and how the village was ruined by the drought, how Britannia was becoming more and more unjust with the class system that divided the population. He asked the Avatar to bring his case to Lord British to ask for true justice. The Avatar did so and Weston was cleared of all charges. Indeed, after returning to Paws, Alina told the Avatar that her husband now had a temporary job for the government so that he could ensure his family's well-being.

Trivia Edit

  • While talking with Weston, a guard constantly interrupts and in his arrogance actually proves all of Weston's points of the growing injustice in Britannia. That, and the guard's lines are hilarious.

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