This article is about an NPC from Ultima VII. For other uses, see William (disambiguation).

William, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

William, a hard-working man with inner insecurities, runs the sawmill of Minoc in Ultima VII.

After the horrible double-murder in his sawmill, William was questioned by the Avatar. However, he had only arrived long after the murders had happened and therefore had little relevant information to share.

William was eager to switch to less depressing topics, telling the Avatar about his work and where he sold his products, before mentioning his recent change in life. He spoke in length about how he hadn't any longer managed to shoulder everything in his life, until he'd enter the Fellowship, which he thinks had saved him. He then went on to speak of them in a very positive light.

When asked about a statue he'd mentioned, he revealed the plans for giving the shipwright Owen a huge statue on the townsquare.

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