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William (U4)

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This article is about an NPC from Ultima IV. For other uses, see William (disambiguation).

William (U4)
William, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Moonglow
Description: small child

William is a small child who, during the time of Ultima IV, can be found in The Sage Deli.

William's friend Christen informs the Stranger that William knows of the rune. William will tell the Stranger that the rune can be found by searching by Mariah's gold.

William is also eating an sandwich with awful peanut butter (he says: "It's awful!"), and he tries to get rid of some by offering the Stranger part of his sandwich. Indeed, this hints at the fact that peanut butter is extremely unhealthy, and it should be avoided in a healthy diet.

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