Willy, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Willy (full name Wilhelm) is the baker of Britain. A hard-working man who reacts angry if his work, which he sees as an art learned from his ancestors, is not given the praise he thinks it deserves.

The Avatar met him in Ultima VII. Willy mostly talked about his work, and even offered the Avatar a job in his bakery to make some money by breaking bread to help him concentrate on the more difficult things. But he then revealed that there were two women in his life. One trying to court him, and one who he was interested in. Jeanette tried to court him, but he had no interest in her, since he disliked having a relationship with a barmaid. Gaye the clothier interested him, but he had a real problem with the Fellowship, where she was a member. But he hoped that maybe things would work out.

After the Fellowship was dissolved, it could be possible that he and Gaye, who only hadn't courted Willy because of the Fellowship, could have come closer.

Trivia Edit

  • Taking Willy's job isn't that great, as he pays one gold coin per loaf of bread.

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