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Windrunner (on the north side of the table) in Morghrim's home
Species: wolf
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Northern Forest

Windrunner is a silver wolf and companion to Morghrim, the Forest Master of Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

Windrunner, despite not being able to talk, has a greater degree of intelligence than most of his brethren, and may be the last surviving example of the lupine species from the world of Pagan.

He was transported to Serpent Isle by Morghrim when the Forest Master rescued a Silver Seed from dying Elerion at the time of the Guardian's invasion of Pagan. Despite this change of surroundings, Windrunner seems to be to at home in the Northern Forest of Serpent Isle, and protects his master with utmost loyalty.

He appears as a large silver-coloured timber wolf, and can be found roaming the area around Morghrim's abode in the Northern Forest. As he has no dialogue and talking to Morghrim will not set his name, he is simply identified as "timber wolf" in the game.

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