Wingless Gargoyles
Unknown U6 Portrait 2
Wingless Gargoyles, from Ultima VI
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VI
Location: Realm of the Gargoyles

The wingless gargoyles are labourers in the Realm of the Gargoyles in Ultima VI

While possessing inferior intelligence and the inability to speak, they were the backbone of the gargoyle workforce. The wingless gargoyles assisted in tending the fields of Farmer Nash and Farmer Krill, as well as taking part in gargoyle military operations. The relationship between winged and wingless gargoyle seemed to be similar to parent and child, with the winged gargoyles guiding the wingless to ensure they were productive and came to no harm.


The wingless gargoyles seemed to gain the ability to speak between Ultima VI and Ultima VII. No explanation for this change in abilities is provided.

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