Wislem, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

This article is about an NPC in Ultima VII. For an NPC in Ultima IX, see Wislem (U9).

Wislem is a gargoyle working as one of Lord British's royal advisors. "Wislem" means "Wise Man" in Gargish.

The Avatar met him in Ultima VII. Wislem showed pride in being the most recent of a long line of the king's advisers. He said that it was his job that the voice of the Gargoyles would be heard in the government, and spoke of when his people had settled on Terfin.

Wislem admitted that while the Gargoyles were accepted in many places, there still were places on Britannia, such as Vesper, where they were met with open hatred. He also told the Avatar that thankfully their king Lord Draxinusom was still alive, even after 200 years. The Avatar also told him the story of Inamo's murder in Trinsic, which saddened Wislem. Wislem suggested that Lord Draxinusom should be told as fast as possible, a job that the Avatar accepted.

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