Wislem, from Ultima IX
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima IX
Location: Ambrosia

This article is about an NPC in Ultima IX. For an NPC in Ultima VI, see Wislem.

Wislem is an inventor with the winged gargoyles in the Underwater City in Ultima IX. His pride causes the destruction of the city.

The Avatar tried to talk with him in his workshop to get information about Hythloth, but Wislem had no patience, and instead told the Avatar to first install a power cube to finish his creation of the underwater dome with a rotating statue. However, his genius wasn't as great as he'd thought, as this final act finally caused the dome to collapse.

Dying, he told the Avatar that his pride had brought death to his people. He said that the hero had to save a queen egg, and get it to Vasagralem to save their race. He revealed how to enter the Queen's chambers, and that the teleporter there would lead to Hythloth. He died a little later, when the city collapsed.

Trivia Edit

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